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Rusco Sediment Filters

rusco sediment filters

    sediment filters
  • (Sediment Filter) A filter designed to strain out particles. Sediment filters normally do not remove chemical contaminants.

rusco sediment filters - 1 1/2

1 1/2 Inch Spin-Down Sand Separator Replacement Filter Screen

1 1/2 Inch Spin-Down Sand Separator Replacement Filter Screen

Replacement Filter for Rusco Inc FS1-1/2 Sand Separator / Sediment Trapper. This replacement element is manufactured by Rusco Inc. to be used with model # FS1-1/2. The polyester membrane is offered in 24 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh and 250 mesh. The membrane can be periodically cleaned through the flush valve. Over time the membrane may gradually become loaded or damaged which will require replacement. The exact measurement is 1 5/8 inch OD x 8 1/8 inch length. The 24 mesh membrane is equivalent to 707 microns (0.0280 inches) . The 60 mesh membrane is equivalent to 250 microns (0.0098 inches) . The 250 mesh membrane is equivalent to 63 microns (0.0024 inches) .

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2-Culligan-water-iron filter-softener

2-Culligan-water-iron filter-softener

A twin tank water softener was used to remove the hard water, but required tremendous amounts of salt. An in-line filter was also installed to help protect the gears in the system from sediment damage.

Pureoflow System

Pureoflow System

Front view of Pureoflow system showing Reverse Osmosis Membrane elements, sediment filter, pressure guages, and 1 HP Grundfos variable speed pump

rusco sediment filters

rusco sediment filters

Rusco 1CST Sediment Trapper Replacement Filter Cover

Rusco 1CST Clear Sediment Trapper Filter Cover: The Rusco 1CST clear filter cover is a replacement filter cover for Rusco Sediment Trapper Sediment Filter Systems with 1" inlet/outlets. The Rusco 1CST clear cover is easily removed for complete cleaning or for replacement. No tools are required. Rusco Sediment Filter covers are made of a high impact polymer resin for maximum strength and durability. The Rusco 1CST cover has a 1/2 MPT nipple on the bottom of the clear cover that allows for connection of a plastic ball valve for easy cleaning and flushing of the system. One cover sealing o-ring is included with the Rusco 1CST Cover.

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